Finserv Experts consultants regularly speak at conferences and workshops around the world, from local community meetups to major global summits like the G20.

Recent appearances include…

Africa 3.0

Africa 3.0, 15-16 March 2019, Nairobi

Areiel led a conversation on the ability of parametric inusrance to revoluionize the approach to risk in an evironment where traditional insurance has never been trusted or understood.


China-Britain AI Summit, 21 June 2019, London

Emma delivered the opening keynote, citing the need for Chinese-British collaboration on AI investment and development.  Kefirah spoke on the investment panel, sharing her experience launching Chinese AI ventures in the UK.  Areiel moderated the panel on cooperation and industry trends, highlighting challenges and lessons learned from working across borders, languages, and cultures.


Blockchain For Insurance, 19 June 2019, London

Areiel delivered the opening keynote for the conference, outlining the state of the blockchain industry in the UK and walking the attendees through what actions the UK government has been taking to secure the UK’s leadership in the global market for blockchain solutions.

Pynk Tank

Pynk Tank Live – Program Launch, 13 June 2019, London

Pynk Tank, the social engagement platform for the Pynk collaborative investment platform, launched the inaugural edition of its livestreamed show to over 4,000 viewers.  Areiel was on hand to take part in a discussion on blockchain for social good.

Insurance Institute of London

Technology Titans in Insurance: A focus on AI and Blockchain, 28 May 2019, London

Areiel addressed the conference on how emerging technologies make it possible to deliver microinsurance for natural disasters in Indonesia and globally.

Future Blockchain Summit

Future Blockchain Summit, 2 April, Dubai

Finserv Experts’ newly appointed Digital Transformation Ambassador addresses the conference on Why Policymakers Need To Understand Blockchain Technology and it’s Applications.



Parliamentary Blockchain Showcase, 18 March, London

At this event, four leading blockchain solutions were presented live to members of both the UK and European Parliament, as well as selected industry and academic leaders.  Areiel presented the Lloyd’s/LMTOM DLT prototype, and served as one of the organizers of the event.


Blockchain Tech World

Blockchain Technology World 2019, 12 March, London

Areiel Wolanow delivered the opening keynote for the conference, a session on how to drive blockchain adoption through effective business modelling, using the successful London Insurance Market prototype commissioned by Lloyd’s of London as a case study.

TINTech Logo Black.png

TINtech London Market 2020, 05 February 2019, London, UK

Areiel Wolanow and business archiect Charles Ayorinde gave a live demo of the working DLT prototype for claims agreement and transaction accounting that was commissioned by Lloyd’s of London on behalf of the London Market Target Operating Model programme.



London Blockchain Foundation, 11 December 2018, London, UK

Areiel delivered a talk on how blockchain is already in the process of transforming the insurance industry


Alternative AI & Blockchain for Professional Services, 4 December 2018, London, UK

The event hosted a keynote Oxford debate on whether blockchain would prove transformational for professional services.  Areiel delivered the argument in favor of the assertion.



TINTech Logo Black

The Insurance Network, London Market Claims, 10 October 2018, London, UK

Areiel took part in a panel that explored the application of emerging technologies towards transforming the claims experience in the London Market.



IPExpo Europe, AI Track, 3 October 2018, London, UK

Areiel delivered a talk at the UK’s leading generalist IT conference, entitled “How AI is driving financial inclusion and job creation around the world”.



Industry Winners, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain, London,UK

Areiel took part in a roundtable discussion at the House of Commons with lawmakers and other industry leaders on the future direction of blockchain and who is most likely to succeed in a DLT-enabled world.

Devonshire House.jpg

Devonshire House Director’s Forum, 17 April 2018, London, UK

Areiel led a Devonshire-House sponsored forum for corporate directors on the London Market’s vision for a decentralized operating model, as set out in their recently published white paper (of which Areiel was one of the authors)


London Blockchain Insurance Meetup, 3 April 2018, London, UK

Areiel was the keynote speaker for this session, and led a discussion about the white paper recently published by the London Market Target Operating Model (LMTOM) that outlines a vision for a new, decentralized business model.

Alternative Accountancy.jpg

Alternative Accountancy Strategic IT, 20 March 2018, Oxford, UK

Areiel addressed the conference on the impact of blockchain and distributed ledger technology on accountancy as a profession.


Cryptocurrency Workshop, 24 November 2017, Weston-super-Mare, UK

Areiel delivered a workshop for business owners interested in cryptocurrency for both commerce and investment

ICAEW logoBlockchain and the Future of Accountancy, Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales, 20 October 2017, London, UK

In conjunction with the publication of their position paper on Blockchain, the ICAEW convened a panel of experts to advise on next steps, and Areiel was invited to be a part of this panel.

ICAEW logo
Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

The Future Professional, Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales, 17 November 2017, London, UK

Areiel presented one of the main sessions for the conference, entitled “Blockchain – What You Need to Know”. It focused on the relevance of blockchain and cryptocurrency to the audit profession, and how their advent will change the nature of accounting practice.

FRC - Standardized
Financial Reporting Council

Financial Reporting Council nnovation Summit, 11 July 2017, London, UK.

Finserv Experts delivered a talk on the impact that blockchain and machine learning will have on how assurance is performed in auditing, financial reporting, and regulation, and sat on a panel to evaluate the conference’s ideas for innovation in financial reporting.

ICAEW - Standardized
Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

Demystifying Blockchain, 28 June 2017, London, UK

Areiel delivered a talk on the skills and capabilities auditors will need in a post-blockchain future.

NSC - Standardized
North Somerset Council, UK

North Somerset Digital Showcase, 18 May 2017, Weston-super-Mare, UK

Areiel served as lead judge for a panel of experts who evaluated digital solutions designed and built by UCW students for local business owners.

UCW - Standardized
University Centre Weston, UK

E4U Entrepreneuership Challenge, 16 April 2017. Weston-super-Mare, UK.

Areiel served as lead judge for Dragon’s Den style competition, selecting the best business plans put forward by groups of high school students

Triad - Standardized
Triad Consulting

Blockchain in the Real World, 22 March 2017, Milton, Keynes, UK

Areiel served as the keynote speaker at a blockchain-focused meetup in Milton Keynes, hosted by Triad Consulting

Russam GMS

Blockchain for Social Good, 10 December 2016, London, UK

Inaugual speaker for Russam’s Blockheads Breakfast series.

WEF - Standardized
World Economic Forum

High-level Roundtable on accelerating SME Finance in Italy, 30 June 2016, Milan, Italy.

Areiel spoke at a WEF-sponsored rountable, on how machine learning and blockchain could be used as the basis for business growth and formation.

OJK logo

Bringing Indonesia’s Microfinance and Financial Inclusion To the World, 15-16 March, Jakarta

Areiel delivered a presentation on the potential for blockchain and machine learning to transform how financial inclusion gets delivered.

MacQuarie Securities

Indonesia Telecoms, Technology, and E-Commerce, Conference 14 March 2016,

Areiel represented IBM at a panel on digital innovation, and demonstrated how cognitive banking solutions were being deployed to achieve huge increases in loan origination placements while at the same time producing dramatic reductions in non-performing loans.

Jordan - Standardized
Central Bank of Jordan

High-level Conference on Financial Inclusion and Employment in the Arab World, 9 November 2015, Amman, Jordan

Areiel spoke on the potential of machine learning to enable greater financial inclusion in Arab countries.

IFFI - Standardized
International Forum for Financial Inclusion

International Forum for China Financial Inclusion, 19 September 2015, Beijing, China. Areiel spoke on the adaptability of machine learning algorithms to solve different use cases in financial inclusion.

G20- Standardized

G20, SME Finance Workshop, 1 June 2015.  Izmir, Turkey.  

Areiel addressed the G20 on how machine learning had enabled a rapid expansion of available capital to small business holders in Kenya.

CIO East Africa
IO East Africa

CIO East Africa Summit, 25 March 2015.  Nairobi, Kenya.

Areiel spoke on the evolving role of the CIO in Africa.