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Wolanow, UK Parliamentary Advisor: Libra’s problems stem from mistrust of the provider

Libra may or may not have a future, the jury is still out. But its transformational potential is so powerful that even if Libra fails, another similar project will inevitably occur.


The blockchain revolution has arrived

Areiel explained how Finserv Experts’ solution uses blockchain to automate pay-outs to policyholders in areas which have been officially confirmed to have been hit by a natural disaster.

4 October 2019

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7 erros que serão fatais para qualquer projeto de metodologia ágil
(7 errors that will be fatal to any agile methodology project)

A melhor maneira de obter suporte é demonstrar que o ágil aumentará as chances de uma entrega bem-sucedida do produto. “Isso foi empiricamente testado para ser verdadeiro sob certas condições”, declara Areiel Wolanow, diretor da Finserv Experts. “Para obter suporte para o ágil, você precisa convencer as partes interessadas de que os fatores essenciais de sucesso do ágil são válidos para o seu programa em particular.”

The best way to get support is to demonstrate that agile will increase the chances of successful product delivery. “This has been empirically tested to be true under certain conditions,” says Areiel Wolanow, director of Finserv Experts. “To get support for Agile, you need to convince stakeholders that the key success factors of Agile are valid for your particular program.”

4 October 2019

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UK Government to fund expansion of Minority Report-like policing system

With a big false positive rate, algorithms are not that good at it yet because we only started building solutions that can do this. You want something that is more accurate that is not going to be unfairly subjecting people to embarrassment and stigma. How much longer are you prepared to invest and pour money into something until you get [a system] that works to a level of safety that we are all comfortable with? That is a very tough balancing act.

17 July 2019


5 Ways That We Can Help Stabilize The Cryptocurrency Market, With Areiel Wolanow

Life is like a video game. The game can throw money or upgrades or power-ups your way, but the main reward for finishing a level is the opportunity to play a harder level

11 October 2018



The UK wants to become the world leader in ethical AI

Even if you have an ethical solution, you can’t get it approved for use because there were no standards to measure it against.

1 August 2018


Changing reporting: block by block

From the digitization of financial records in the last century to the invention of double-entry accounting in the 1300’s, to the invention of money in classical and pre-classical civilizations, and all the way back to the invention of the written word,humans have strived towards a more objective, more reliable, and more easily shared way of recording agreements.  By making it possible for multiple people and multiple organisations to share a single version of the truth, blockchain and its derivatives promise to be the next huge leap forward in this evolutionary cycle.

1 July 2018



Artificial Intelligence – How Machine Learning is Transforming Underwriting

humans should pay more attention to understanding data, while artificial intelligence focuses on automated detection protocols

12 March 2018


Thrive Global

The 2018 Bitcoin Crystal Ball

Despite the current bubble (and make no mistake, it is beyond all doubt a bubble), adoption of cryptocurrency is inevitable. But it is by no means certain that Bitcoin will emerge as the cryptocurrency of choice.

2 January 2018

MarTech Exec

Expert Opinion: Mobile Apps featuring Areiel Wolanow

In many parts of the world, making payments digitally is already more common than using cash. Expanding the capability of mobile apps to support payment in cryptocurrency is a natural progression of this trend.

15 December 2017

FDi Intelligence

Cities bid for blockchain supremacy

As has been the case in Singapore and London, a supporting and encouraging government plays a key role in developing a city’s blockchain capability.

14 December 2017


Yet Another 9 Bitcoin Experts Share Their Predictions About The Fate Of Bitcoin Over The Next 5 Years

The most common critique given about cryptocurrency is its lack of intrinsic value, but the same is true of all earlier forms of money. Money has value only because people agree it does.

13 December 2017

Independent Banker

Will Cryptocurrency Be The New Normal?”

If community banks can give their customers low transaction costs and answers on how to use cryptocurrency securely, they’re going to make the path to adoption that much easier.

1 December 2017

Maghreb Newswire

Early acquisition makes Tunisia a leader in cryptocurrency revolution

Early exploration of digital currency means there is a local market of business and technology professionals who understand the issues and have experience addressing some of the unique challenges of digital currency adoption

28 October 2017


7 simple ways to fail at Agile

The best way to win support is to demonstrate that agile will actually increase the odds of a successful product delivery

25 October 2017

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Your Definitive Guide to Programmatic Advertising

Once a shared and trusted record of ad consumption capability becomes broadly available, media buyers will come to demand that level of accountability be factored into their pricing models

14 October 2017


People get tired and bored and make mistakes, but algorithms don’t 

Professional criminals will keep abreast of industry-leading fraud indicators and adapt their behavior to suit. Human data scientists will need to iterate their analysis over time to keep pace, while machine learning algorithms train themselves over time based on observable changes in the underlying data.

11 October 2017

Entrepreneur Nigeria

Bitcoin Acceptance in Nigerian Businesses

You will have to make some form of arrangement for translating your cryptocurrency back into your currency of record. Cryptocurrencies are volatile, you will want to do this quickly and regularly

6 October 2017

CMS Wire

Blockchain Slowly Moves Into the Marketing Industry 

Blockchain’s immutability and shared ownership of transaction data is being used to develop content tagging and tracking systems that will be used to provide a reliable and monetizable record of who has seen a given piece of marketing content. This kind of trusted record can serve as the basis for innovative and far more accurate pricing models

4 October 2017

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blockchain for cryptocurrency and other sectors

Blockchain solutions come in 3 waves: 1:Data/Transactions, 2:Smart Contacts, 3:Executable Applications. Most of today’s solutions are Wave 1. Wave 2 is very immature. Wave 3 hasn’t started

1 October 2017

Maghreb Newswire

Moroccan technology exports spark strong economic gains

If adopted by Moroccan industry, blockchain will not just make Morocco more competitive, it will open completely new industries and opportunities that Morocco would never have been able to participate in before

28 september 2017


Adoption in the Retail POS World

Blockchain for the average joeIt is important to assess the direct impact that accepting cryptocurrency can have on a brand. Cryptocurrency has strong associations: not only with technology, but with rejection of authority and, in some cases, outright criminality. These associations will enhance some brands and harm others.

14 September 2017

Business News Daily

Artificial Insurance? How Machine Learning is Transforming Underwriting

Professional criminals will keep abreast of industry-leading fraud indicators and adapt their behavior to suit. Human data scientists will need to iterate their analysis over time to keep pace, while machine learning algorithms train themselves over time based on observable changes in the underlying data.

11 September 2017

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Should Your Small Business Accept Bitcoin?

The only reason for a business to hold on to bitcoin would be as a speculative investment, said Wolanow, but doing so essentially amounts to gambling with your revenue stream.

30 August 2017

Global Accountant

Disintermediation, and the role of humans in providing assurance

Assurance professionals, like many other financial services providers, run a significant risk of being disintermediated. But they also have a huge opportunity to make themselves incredibly relevant to current and future waves of innovation.  The difference is getting involved.

22 August 2017

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Insurance

Speed is critical in times of increased demand such as natural disasters. As Areiel Wolanow, managing director of Finserv Experts, says, AI will “Improve the ability to scale claims handling operations in response to catastrophes and natural disasters.” This is another key benefit of AI.

9 August 2017

Maghreb Newswire

Blockchain meetups in Morocco signal regional economic awareness 

If somebody chooses to attend a blockchain meetup, odds are high they already know at least as much as you could learn from Wikipedia or a little bit of Googling; they are attending because they want to hear from someone who actually has experience implementing a solution, and can talk about the problems, lessons and failures as well as the successes.

7 August 2017

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Delivering First World Trust: Blockchain Technology 

Blockchain will deliver on its promise only when architects find a way to approve solutions in which private customer data is distributed to blockchain nodes outside the enterprise firewall. – Areiel Wolanow, Finserv Experts

16 July 2017

Balkan Business Wire

World Bank evaluates Balkan financial problems 

Distributed ledger technology has tremendous potential in the fight against corruption, both in the Balkans and in many other places where corruption is a problem

14 June 2017

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“放弃对数据资源的垄断, 是企业在实践分布式记账簿技术时面临的首要挑战, “Finserv Experts的常务董事吴啸天先生一针见血地提出如上观点。

31 May 2017

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 Fresh off funding, R3 moves Corda towards critical pilot.  

According to Areiel Wolanow, former IBM ASEAN blockchain leader and currently managing director of Finserv Experts, the challenge for distributed ledger technology broadly is that the institutions involved have to share their data.

30 May 2017


CIO East Africa does a one-on-one interview with Areiel Wolanow

Core systems can’t be allowed to block innovation. Isolated stacks of rigid processes must be transformed into horizontal, closely integrated services. Data in banks need to flow freely. Processes must be interoperable if they are to drive better and faster decisions and faster responses

16 may 2016

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[구글 초벌 번역] 새로운 자금 조달, R3는 코다 플랫폼을 이용하기 시작했습니다.

Finserv Expert의 전무 이사 인 Areiel Wolanow에 따르면 분산 원장 기술에 대한 도전은 관련 기관이 데이터를 공유해야한다는 것입니다

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Business Tips from a Banking Expert

Areiel Wolanow talked to UCW business management and sustainability students about the importance of corporate social responsibility and cultural awareness. The students also had the opportunity to receive one-to-one feedback from Areiel on the business plans they will be creating for their dissertations.

23 October 2014