Finserv Experts establishes build capability, establihses an office in Hong Kong

Finserv Experts has provided advisory, solution architecture, and program leadership capabilities to help enterprises enable world-changing business models that could not have existed before.  To date though, we have always done this on behalf of our clients, using their own delivery resources or those of their business partners, and for some of our clients, this will continue to be their preferred way of engaging with us.  But we have now grown to the point where we are also able to provide actual solution delivery capaiblity ourselves, in addition to the advisory and leadership capabilities we already provide.

On 14 November 2019, Finserv Experts incorporated in Hong Kong.  Our Hong Kong office will directly support our Asian Clients, but it will also serve as the HQ of a solution dleivery capability based in mainland China.  This capability will be on line in February 2020, and is already planned to support two of our existing clients.

This represents a major milestone in our firm’s three year history. We are very proud to have come this far, and look forward to delivering even greater success for our clients going forward.



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