Finserv Experts welcomes Emma McClarkin MEP

Greetings all. I am delighted to announce that. Emma McClarkin MEP has agreed to join Finserv Experts as our Digital Transformation Ambassador. Emma has served for the past ten years as a U.K. representative in the European Parliament representing East Midlands. In this time she has earned a reputation for expertise in trade finance and intellectual property, and established herself as the Parlaiment’s leading expert on Blockchain. Emma and I have a fair bit in both serve on APPG Blockchain, and she delivered opening comments at the Parliamentary Blockchain Showcase where Charles Ayorinde, Vikas Kumar, and I demonstrated the DLT prototype commissioned by Lloyd’s of London on behalf of the LMTOM program. Finally, Emma and I have both authored chapters in Antony Welfare’s book on commercialising commercialising blockchain. Finserv Experts is a small firm, so we all wear a lot of hats, but Emma’s main role will be bringing the value that we can add to a completely new group of stakeholders and experts, which she will be doing this week at the Blockchain Summit in Dubai. We are thrilled to have Emma on board, and look forward to a successful and enjoyable partnership.

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